In Honor Of Me – Could This Be Me One Day?

Today I participated in a breast 3d mink eyelashes walk. As my sister, niece, kids and I walked along wearing pink wigs, pink boas, and even pink eyelashes, I began to wonder the importance of why we were there. I looked in front of me and saw a lady with a name tag on her backpack that read, “Walking In Honor of ME”.

3d mink eyelashes
3d mink eyelashes

I stopped in my tracks and realized why I was walking. Even though I am healthy, one day I could be the one with that name 3d mink eyelashes and it made me shiver. I wanted them to find a cure right then and there. What is taking so long? I have done so many walks, why hasn’t a cure been found? I am scared. Scared for my 3d mink eyelashes, myself, and most of all, for my daughter.

I again looked at the lady and realized why I was there. If I ever do get cancer, I hope “they” have found a cure. I hope my financial contribution helps lead to a cure and my physical contribution of being there helps draw awareness. I also want them to find a cure so that lady with the name tag will be back next year…and the year after…and the year after that.

Next year I will think of her and look for her. I doubt I will ever see her again, but I hope she is there with that same name tag for many years to come. I will be thinking of her and hoping she is beating this terrible disease.

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