Wake Up With a Blink and A Wink!

When you first awaken and are just coming into blink eye lashe, you have a powerful opportunity to begin your day in a positive way. Those few seconds-from sleep to awareness- matter most. Those first moments, when you realize you are no longer sleeping, can make an positive impact on your reality for the entire day.

Find a mirror, and take a look at yourself. Now, blink your blink eye lashe and really take a good look at yourself. Blink them again, and then wink at yourself. If you can’t wink, just pretend that you can. Smile! Even if you feel a little silly…do it again…blink, wink, and smile.


This program is skill-based, and your skills develop when you just do them without blink eye lashe . So, if you have not done Step 2, do it NOW!

Think about how you awaken in the morning.

Does the alarm blink eye lashe you from a delicious dream?
Does the sun tickle your face?
Do your eyes open on their own?
Do you smell the coffee brewing?
Does someone call your name?
Does your bed partner snuggle closer to you?
Do you hear the cat purr, or does the dog lick the sleep from your blink eye lashe?

It does not matter…You are awake, and that is the moment to set a positive and productive day in motion. So, seize that moment!

Research shows that thoughts and feelings of gratitude and appreciation have a significant impact on the chemistry of your brain. Your first thought of the day is your key to what comes next. When that thought is of gratitude and appreciation, your motivation, desire, intention, creativity, and energy will create your impending success.

Your first thought, image, vision, impression, or feeling, needs to be one of gratitude. Think of something that warms your heart. It can be something big or small, but whatever it is, it should give you a warm feeling around your heart. That heartwarming will change the chemistry in both your brain and your body. Here are some examples of heartwarming thoughts:

I am so grateful for my breath this morning.
I am so grateful for the warmth and the comfort of my bed.
I am so grateful for the fact that all my parts are moving.
I am so grateful I am free of the headache I had last night.
I am so grateful for the love I feel for my family, kids, partner, etc.
I am so grateful morning is here.
I am so grateful for the rain against the blink eye lashe today.



Feel the presence of the moment. Sense your blink eye lashe touching each other. Notice the soft breeze they make when they open and close. Get ready to smile. Smile, even though there is no mirror… Next…WINK…Wink at yourself, at the morning, at the moment, at the possibilities! Enjoy yourself, and sit up to roll out of bed and begin your glorious, delightful, energetic, positive productive and fun-filled day!

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