Eye Shadow Sticks, Creams, Gels, Pencils, Pressed Powders? What’s the Difference?

Eye shadow is used to accentuate your eyes and help define your custom mink lashes  brow. (http://www.dunhilllashes.com/mink eyelash vendors wholesale)

Depending on occasion and time of day, using the right shades will accessorize your look. In order to achieve the best look with the help of eye shadows, it is necessary to follow some guidelines.
Here are the tones you will need.

Lighter than skin tone to highlight your brow bone  custom mink lashes area;

Packaging False Lashes
Packaging False Lashes


Shades for the area of the eyelids.

The basic shades range from neutral to vibrant, pale to deep tones. custom mink lashes custom mink lashes It is imperative to blend your colors during the application procedure. The shades that you use should be appropriate to your skin tone as well as a blend of your attire. If you are going to apply more than one shade, you must blend them so the colors look continuous rather than separate.

Eye shadows come in a variety of forms: sticks, creams, gels, pencils, pressed powders, etc; pressed powders seem to be one of the more popular forms. Pressed powder shadows get a better effect of their application when a wet brush is used. Cream shadows are custom mink lashes custom mink lashes  either oil or wax based and are best used for dry eye lids. Pencils have a high color and filling ability, and gel shadows are the best to be applied on oily skin.

When applying shadows, you should use a straight bristle brush for each color and blending with a round bristled brush.

Here are three steps of the applying eyeshadow:

Starting with highlighter shade, it should be brushed right under the outer end of an eye brow and the color should be blended inward toward the inner end of the eye brow, just above the inner corner of the eye in a quick way.

Then the second step is to apply the eye lid shadow beginning with the center of each lid, right above the pupil of the eye. It should be applied with a blending brush by quick back and forth motions.
Lastly, blend in an upward direction to meet the highlighter shade.

5 tips to have brilliant looking eyes.

1. Blending is the key between base, highlighter and main colors.

Start from light to dark.

2. Do not cover your brow bone with deep color

Never apply the eye shadow up to the brow bone, unless it would custom mink lashes custom mink lashes be some neutral color or a highlighter.

3. Highlighter can make or break your look

When using a dark color blend only on the outside edge. If you get too close to the eye this will make your eyes look beady and small.

4. Set your eye shadow with a great base

Use a primer,shadow base, this will help your eye makeup stay set for many more hours.

5. Make eyes brighter with white

Apply a dot of white eye shadow or pencil on the inside of your eye near the tear duct.

In my next article we will go into how to produce various visual effects with the help of eye shadow.


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