How to Find the Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation: Temptu Airbrush Reviews

I don’t know about you but I have been hearing a lot about Airbrush eyelashes lashes mink lately. ( lash vendors)  I for one was interested to find out what all the hype was about so I did a bit of research. In this article you will find reviews of the latest airbrush makeup products out there. One brand is in question. Temptu Pro makeup!

Will these reviews have the answer you are looking for? Let’s find out.

eyelashes lashes mink
eyelashes lashes mink

Airbrushing has been around for many years but has only recently hit the high street. With many cosmetics companies competing for the Best Airbrush Make up System, it is thought that these machines will go global, and will no longer be the secret weapon of professional eyelashes lashes mink artists. With their light weight formulas to suit any skin type they are a must have for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd. Or are they?

There are a lot of airbrush kits for sale out there but one in particular grabbed my attention. Temptu Pro. Temptu Pro are a cosmetics company that specialize in airbrush machines and makeup. They are both shop and online based. Over the last few years Temptu Pro has grown in popularity immensely, not only for the reason that they supply airbrush make up foundation, blush, eyeshadow but they also supply body art eyelashes lashes mink and tattoo transfers and stencils. They also have a pro membership programme, which allows you discounts and information on the latest products.

Here I have accumulated about ten reviews that were found on Temptu make up and also the airbrush system.

The reviews below were the first ten I found and a whopping 80% loved the product.

Many people mentioned how it leaves a flawless look on your skin and that no other foundation has ever lasted as long as Temptu eyelashes lashes mink . There were some issues about colour matches but most people found their perfect shade. Most of the new users found it strange and somewhat distorting at first to use it but quickly got used to the device as all you need is some practice. One user even commented on how she was going to get the cordless Temptu airbrush system at next years IMATS ( international make up artist Trade Show). Since the foundation has a built in primer it saved time for one of the customers also and most reviewers could not say “enough great things about this product”

There was a comment from a woman who had tried the product and this is what she had to say, “If you are 16 years old and have perfect skin, this system fine. If not, I’d use Make up Forever HD”. This comment was then answered buy a woman who insisted that the Temptu Pro was worth every cent and found a solution to eyelashes lashes mink settling in her wrinkles. All she did was blend and pat the foundation and took to applying less in that area in the future.

Overall, statements such as “It’s Love” and ”I was swimming in the ocean, hiking, tanning and at the end of the day it was still on” were used in the online Temptu makeup review’s, leaving the average rating of 4.1 out of 5.

eyelashes lashes mink
eyelashes lashes mink

There are always alternatives to this of course. You could purchase cheap airbrush kits and cheap airbrush makeup but will they stand the test? That’s up to you.

You can argue all you want about this product but with the final conclusion being 4.1 out of 5, looks like the reviewer’s gave Temptu Pro a big thumbs up.

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