Avatar Halloween Makeup Tips

If you want your face to look like the Na’vi from the movie Avatar, you can easily achieve this look with a little eyelashes with own logo and a lot of patience.

Build the Avatar eyelashes with own logo Foundations

eyelashes with own logo
eyelashes with own logo

Start with a white, full coverage foundation on your face. You can use regular Halloween eyelashes with own logo or makeup you might buy from a theatrical store. Apply a light coating with a sponge. This way, when you apply the blue eyelashes with own logo , it won’t have a brown undertone. This may not be necessary if you have very pale skin, but if not, the white makeup will help the blue to stand out. Remember to paint your neck and your ears, as well as any area that is exposed.

Types of Blue Makeup

For the blue makeup, you can use almost any kind you like. You can choose among powders, creams, or liquids. You might even try an airbrush technique. You’ll want to use a light blue first because you will go back and put darker blue markings on your face a little later.

Make Sure You Set Your eyelashes with own logo

An invisible setting powder at this point will help to set your blue face before you move on to make the darker blue markings. You want to keep your nose looking lighter so after you use the setting powder, you can create some shadows on either side of your nose by using blue eye shadow. You’ll put this on your face the length of your nose but not on your nose. Just brush it onto either side of the nose. This has the effect of making your nose look a lot wider, like in the Avatar movie.

Getting the Real Na’vi Look

Now, you can start doing the Na’vi markings on your face. The good news here is that each individual Na’vi has their own distinct markings and they are all different. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the markings are the same for each side of the face so whatever you do to one side, you will want to do to the other side. It may be helpful to have a picture in front of you that you can use as a reference, although many people just make up their own designs at this point. You can do this with the same darker blue color that you used on either side of your nose.

Have fun with this part and express your creativity. Remember that each Na’vi is different so don’t feel like you have to look exactly like the picture of one. Pair the well applied makeup with the right costume and no one will question who you are portraying.

eyelashes with own logo
eyelashes with own logo

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