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The Look of Bridal Makeup

Working as a professional false eyelashes manufacturer artist for over a decade, specializing in bridal makeup, ( vendors) I have seen and done everything from classic bridal makeup to renaissance themed makeup for weddings.

Just as fashion trends come and go, so does the look of Bridal Makeup. Gone are the days of brightly colored lips, heavy eye shadows and layers of foundation. Today’s Bride is looking for that natural radiant glow that says ‘Blushing Bride’. Skin should look fresh and natural with a flawless finish. Whether it is dewy or matte the foundation should blend seamlessly with the neck and chest. Most Brides are requesting foundations that are mineral based; which let the skin breathe and they photograph beautifully.

false eyelashes manufacturer
false eyelashes manufacturer

The biggest trend in bridal makeup over the past few years is that the eyes are the focal point of the face. Soft pink, taupe and cool gray shadows with smudged eyeliner look stunning. Applying a few coats of mascara and some false lashes are the finishing touches needed to make the eyes really “pop”. Keeping the makeup soft and fresh is the way to go for a daytime wedding. For an evening wedding the eyes can have deeper colors and more dimensions, but still the false eyelashes manufacturer should not take away from the eyes themselves. With the eyes being the main focus, cheeks should be glowing in a soft pink or a subtle bronzer, especially for beach weddings. Lips are muted colors of pink, nude and rose and tinted glosses are very popular as well.

No matter what look you choose for your special day, one important factor I cannot stress enough is to keep your look timeless. The last thing you want is to be looking at your wedding album in 30 years and think to yourself, “I can’t believe I wore that blue eyeshadow”.

false eyelashes manufacturer
false eyelashes manufacturer

With over 10 years experience as a professional false eyelashes manufacturer artist and licensed Esthetician; Michelle has earned a reputation as being one of the best in the business.

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