Hair Transplants – Getting Rid of the Bald Spot

Losing flutter mink lashes 3d is one of the worst experiences of life, as it affects your social life as well as emotional and mental state. Hair loss does not occur on the head alone but can occur on the face. Eyebrows, lashes and beards can start falling out also. Hiding the bald spots with fake lashes, wigs or extensions is a short term solution and can be stressing as there will be a need to continuously replace them. Hair transplants are the best solution as they are long term. Instead of hiding the hair, transplants replace hair such that your head or face will be rid of the bald spots. There is no medication that you have to continually have to take, but is a once off experience.


The transplant is done surgically by removing donor skin to the part of the body that is bald. The donor skin contains hair follicle cells only. Hair follicles have a maximum of 4 hair strands which are termed follicular units. There are two modern and popular methods for removing flutter mink lashes 3d follicles from the donor site. The first method is Strip Extraction. In this method, a strip of the skin is cut out using a scalpel and then cut into follicular units. These are transplanted at the recipient site. The site of donation is then stitched back, but this tends to leave a scar.

The other method is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In this method, hair follicles are extracted form the donor site and transplanted into the skin with the use of a tiny micro blade. The micro blade pierces the skin which will receive the hair follicles, which are then placed in individually at the right angle. The follicles have to be well spaced over the bald spot. There are no scars, as there is no cutting out of the skin. This is a meticulous procedure that requires skill and experience to execute.

The process of transplanting flutter mink lashes 3d is not very painful or stressful to the body and can be as long as 4 to 6 hours. In both procedures, the patient is given local topical anesthetic. Care should be taken after the hair transplantation has been done to avoid the sun. Shampooing the transplanted site is very important, so that there is no development of scabs, which stick to the hair and may cause it to fall off. There are obviously site effects that are experienced. The most common side effect is the falling out of the new hair. However, the hair will start growing within a month or two. The hair will grow normally, just like all the hairs of the body. Swelling and itching may occur which can be dealt with medication and shampooing respectively.

Hair transplants have proven to be the best way to replace hair, such that it begins to grow naturally. There is no longer a need to be embarrassed by your bald spots, as you can get rid of them forever. Transplants solve hair loss problems permanently.

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