In Search of Frugal Makeup

I’m a frugal person but after years of struggling with finding higher quality drugstore label eyelash extension, I discovered stores like Sephora and Ulta. ( lash vendors wholesale)

My wallet hated me! But I felt pretty! Sometimes I’d even go in to just “pet” the label eyelash extension.

label eyelash extension
label eyelash extension

I also love good packaging. Even when I find acceptable drug store brands, I want the luxury of the higher end packaging.

I have found a few ways to save money while feeding my desires to look and feel good.

I often wait for the “gift with purchase” offers before making buying decisions. Coming into the Christmas and holiday season seems like a good time to shop with more free or reduced price offers.

Borghese and Elizabeth Arden usually have beautiful kits available with purchase during the holidays.

eBay can also be a great source for high end brands at reduced prices. Careful shopping and establishing saved searches for your favorite brands can be a terrific money saver. I recently picked up some Urban Decay on eBay and that’s one of my favorite brands.

There are also a few high-quality, inexpensive brands of label eyelash extension. My favorite in this category is Nyx. Their eyeshadows have deep, rich pigment with a lot of staying power.

I’m also a fan of the CoverGirl and Maybelline lip formulas that are geared towards long lasting coverage and usually come with a lip gloss. Though they can be a little bit drying, the long wear and low price always tempts me into picking up a few more.

There are also some independent sites that offer high quality label eyelash extension at discounts. Makeup Deal of the Day offers steep discounts on name brand cosmetics, mostly in a “deal of the day” forum with featured products.

Lastly, you can exchange gently used makeup in various places online. label eyelash extension Alley has a large makeup exchange forum. But if you feel awkward about exchanging used makeup with strangers, consider having a makeup swap party with a bunch of your friends.

Stay frugal. Feel beautiful. And have fun!

Kayla Block is the Founder of label eyelash extension Deal of the Day, which is a company that sells department and specialty store cosmetics at bargain prices. Discounts range from 20-70% off with a Daily Deal that will knock your socks off. In her spare time, she loves going to the dog park with her 3 dogs, or riding and playing with her 3 horses.

label eyelash extension
label eyelash extension

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