Vintage Style Clothing Taking You Down Memory Lane

There are various label mink eyelashes clothing styles which are available these days. One kind of vintage style clothing would be the 1950s style dress meant exclusively for wedding purposes. This kind of dress is called a Ballerine. This wedding dress designed on the style of the 1950s is made of Satin and Tulle, and has a lining inside the dress along with bra support strap and bra pads too. A removable tie up neck is also there. If you wish to create a strapless effect with this dress, then you can remove these straps from the wedding dress.

label mink eyelashes
label mink eyelashes

Another kind of vintage style clothing would be the orange dress, which is primarily based on the fashion of the label mink eyelashes . After the 1960s fashion, let us look into the most happening decade in terms of fashion, the 1970s. People till date are going retro with the hippie revolution and the disco inferno. These trends are characteristics of the 1970s style. Disco costume is popular vintage style clothing to sport. During the 1970s, discos were label mink eyelashes the most happening thing back then. If you are to sport a funky costume from the 1970s, think of John Travolta in Saturday Night fever, and you shall have your disco dress concept ready. Bright colours would be the most happening thing to sport during such disco events. The louder your costume’s colour combination, the better themed would you be! You can also go to the extent of selecting such combination of colours on which people would generally frown today. A suit of three pieces which has a high rise vest, wide lapels, and made out of synthetic fibres would be another good vintage dress style for a disco themed event. Such a suit can be teamed with either bell bottoms or a pair of flared pants. A pair of platform shoes would be the best one to go with such a costume.

Hippie costume can be another hot favourite when it comes to vintage dress style. During the 1970s, hippies and Woodstock were the talk of the town. For any costume party themed on the 1970s or the vintage style, you can confidently sport this look. Hippie costumes are essentially associated with psychedelic colours. For a girl, sporting a short dress which is loud in colour will be an absolute hit. For boys, a classic tee with a pair of bell bottoms, or a tie and dye shirt is a good choice. The shoes which will go with this theme would be flip flops or even sandals. Accessorize your vintage style clothing with the right kind of accessories, and you are sure to rock the party! When it comes to your hair, wearing your hair big is the best way to go with such costumes. Body glitter will make your body shine and go well with the theme. Fake moustache will be a good thing to sport for guys with this sort of a costume. Bright coloured make up with label mink eyelashes  is another must sport thing to go with this look. A fake gold bring worn around your neck can add that final touch to your retro look of the 1970s.

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