5 Essential Makeup Tips

You may be wondering why your mink eyelashes never looks quite as good as what you see in all of those ads on TV. (http://www.covergirllashes.com/mink lash vendors wholesale) Proper makeup application is practically an art, it’s not easy to learn but once you know how you’ll look stunning every day. Here are 5 essential tips for applying flawless makeup:

mink eyelashes
mink eyelashes

Step 1: Wash your skin thoroughly before you start It’s extremely important that you start with a blank canvas when you go to apply your mink eyelashes. Start by washing your face, and exfoliating if necessary, and your face will be ready to be made up. Once you’ve given your face a good wash you’re all set.

Step 2: Start with the eyes Many people are under the impression that they should start their mink eyelashes application with the foundation, but don’t be fooled! This really doesn’t work out well, especially if you’re going to use metallic eyeshadow.

Think about this: some of the dust and sparkles from your eyeshadow are going to end up on your cheeks. By starting at your eyes first you can easily cover up any errant specs and sparkles when you go to apply your foundation to your face. That’s just one of the secrets to a flawless face. But…

Step 3: It’s not just your face that matters! Has it ever occurred to you to apply makeup to your chest and neck, as well as your face? When you apply foundation to only your face you may end up leaving a noticeable line between where the mink eyelashes ends and your skin begins!

You should be applying your foundation up to your hairline as well as all down your neck and over whatever parts of your chest will be exposed. This will eliminate any jarring two-toned look to your skin that only serves to make you look inexperienced at using makeup!

Step 4: The trick to makeup is to not look like you’re wearing any. Most people find the natural look most attractive on a woman, and believe it or not you can look “natural” with your makeup. Makeup is meant to enhance what’s already there, not try to make it look like something else. Would you rather appear fresh-faced or have obviously caked on makeup that anyone will notice?

Step 5: Don’t be shy with the blush! If you really want to achieve that fresh-faced look you’ll want to pay extra attention to your blush. Even if you don’t have time for any other makeup application a splash of blush on your cheeks can do a lot for your look. A nice pink blush can make your face appear bright, and it will definitely give you that fresh and natural look.

mink eyelashes
mink eyelashes

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