Golden Retrievers – 5 Reasons to Choose a Golden Retriever As Your Dog

Golden Retrievers are friendly, loving, intelligent, and kind strip eye lashes that are always ready to please their humans. Here are 5 reasons why choosing a Golden as your dog will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Beautiful in Appearance wxhair


If you want a dog that is truly strip eye lashes in appearance, the Golden is for you. Their coats have strands of golden hair throughout which make them gleam in the sunlight, or any other light, really. Their hair ranges from curly to relatively straight, but they have wonderful feathering on their tails, legs, underbody, and chest that give them a light and airy quality as they move. Their faces have a constant smile, and their natural dark eyelashes and lining around their eyes make them the envy of most women. Their coat does shed, and needs frequent brushing to keep it from matting. Your Golden will love you not only for giving it extra attention as you groom it, but because they love looking their best.

Wonderful Personality

Fortunately, their beauty is not just strip eye lashes deep. They are loving, kind, gentle, and loyal as the day is long. They are wonderful with children and older adults, and every age in between. They make great watch dogs and will often sound the alarm by barking when a stranger comes to the door, But those who own them often joke that they would let a stranger into the house if they would agree to get them a snack from the strip eye lashes. They love being with people, and are the perfect choice if you work from home, or have a lot of time to spend with a dog. You will find they will put their head on your foot, snuggle up close to you when you’re in your favorite chair, and if you allow, they will be only to happy to sleep on the bed with you.

Extremely Intelligent

Their intelligence is renowned. They are easily strip eye strip eye lashes, and will rise to the top of their obedience class with an equally smart human on the other end of the leash. They are often used as guide and rescue dogs because they are obedient and learn so quickly. And once they’ve learned the latest command, they are only to happy to show it to friends and family. They are one of the tops scoring dogs in obedience trials throughout the United States.

Wide Choice in Physical Appearance


The standard weight for a male Golden is 75 pounds, but you can find them in all sizes and colors with the female usually being slightly smaller (65 pounds) than males. They are available in dark to light brown, or blonde to almost white. Their size can range from strip eye lashes to really large, so don’t let the fact that they are thought of as big dogs put you off this breed.

Adapts to Your Lifestyle

Goldens do best with daily exercise and will be more than eager to walk, hike, or run beside you when biking and jogging; and since most love the water, they will swim with or without you. They will also adjust to less active life styles if they have a large yard in which they can strip eye lashes. They love retrieving sticks, balls, and other objects, and for those who find this breed attractive and are less active, retrieving can serve as both entertainment and exercise for your Golden.


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